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VinVero is your neighborhood wine and spirits shop focusing on small family-owned, organic, biodynamic, and sustainable producers crafting classic products.

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  • Kapistoni, Shavkapito 2019 750 ML

    Kapistoni, Shavkapito 2019 750 ML

    The Kapistoni, Shavkapito 2021 750 ML is a distinctive wine hailing from the vibrant winemaking region of Georgia. This red wine showcases a rich flavor profile with notes of dark fruits, subtle spices, and a hint of oak, crafted from the native Shavkapito grape that thrives in the local terroir.

    To best enjoy its unique character, pair the Kapistoni Shavkapito with grilled meats, robust cheeses, or traditional Georgian dishes. Its versatile nature also makes it suitable for a cozy evening or a celebratory meal, served ideally at slightly below room temperature to enhance its intricate flavors.


  • Zolo, Malbec 2021, 750 mL

    Zolo, Malbec 2021, 750 mL

    Explore the distinctive taste of Zolo, Malbec 2021, sourced from the renowned winemaking region of Mendoza, Argentina. This 750 mL bottle encapsulates a rich flavor profile, with bold notes of blackberry and plum, enhanced by subtle hints of vanilla and tobacco. The wine's robust body and elegant finish reflect the ideal growing conditions of the Andean foothills.

    For an optimal tasting experience, pair the Zolo, Malbec 2021 with red meats, such as a succulent ribeye steak or tender lamb shanks. It also complements rich pasta dishes and aged cheeses. Serve at room temperature to best appreciate its full array of aromas and flavors.


  • Zapiain Sagardotegia, Bizi Goxo Ice Cider 500mL

    Zapiain Sagardotegia, Bizi Goxo Ice Cider 500mL

    Zapiain Sagardotegia, Bizi Goxo Ice Cider 500mL is an exquisite cider crafted in the Basque Country. This ice cider offers a rich and concentrated flavor profile, with notes of ripe apples and a refined sweetness balanced by a bright acidity.

    It pairs exceptionally well with rich desserts such as tarte tatin or cheese boards featuring blue cheese and aged cheddar. Its crisp apple notes also make it an ideal companion for pork dishes or even as a solo sip, chilled, to celebrate special occasions.


  • Winzer Sommerach Domina Trocken 2019 750 Ml Regular

    Winzer Sommerach Domina Trocken 2019 750 Ml Regular

    Little known and largely a Franconian classic, Domina is known for its red-fruited freshness and minerality. This entry from Winzer Sommerach, Franken's oldest wine cooperative, is no exception. Medium-bodied, easy drinking, focused, and fun, this deceptively complex red offers hints of black and red cherry, savory herbs, fine minerality, and zesty acidity. Try it with pierogis, braised rabbit, and other game, or sausage mains.


  • Wandering Barman, Miss Casanova 100mL

    Wandering Barman, Miss Casanova 100mL

    Spicy Hibiscus Daiquiri Rum, Hibiscus, Orange, Chipotle, Lime


  • Wandering Barman, Fomo 100mL

    Wandering Barman, Fomo 100mL

    Handcrafted Vodka cocktail combining pineapple and turmeric to create an earthy yet refreshing tropical profile, backed up with a touch of heat from the flavorful Hatch Green Chile.


  • Von Winning Estate Riesling Trocken Regular

    Von Winning Estate Riesling Trocken Regular

    Dragon is our estate Riesling, which was fermented in stainless steel. The grapes come from the valleys below Forst and Deidesheim. It is clear, crisp and fruit-driven, and has a lot of depth, density and spiciness.


  • Virtus, Sambuca di Sicilia 1.0L

    Virtus, Sambuca di Sicilia 1.0L

    Very clean and elegant, this anise-flavored spirit is ideal as an after-dinner digestif or for use in cocktails.

    Sicily, Italy


  • Virtus, Lemoncello 1.0L

    Virtus, Lemoncello 1.0L


    From the same producer as the grappa, amaro segesta, and sambuca, this limoncello is a pure expression of the zesty citrus with enough sweetness to balance the puckering qualities of the fruit.

    Sicily, Italy


  • Virtus, Amaro Segesta 1.0L

    Virtus, Amaro Segesta 1.0L

    From Marsala, this amaro, with its blend of nearly 30 herbs and and essences, portrays a bitter profile one comes to expect from amaro, but a unique blood orange essence provides a citrus lift.

    Sicily, Italy