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Amermelade Aperitivo

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Founded in April 2017 by Mario D’Amico, Les Spiritueux Iberville is a Montreal-based company on a mission to bring Quebecers Italian-inspired spirits made with local flavours and ingredients. The project is a tribute to the sacrifices that Mario’s grandfather, Mario D’Amico Sr., made when he first immigrated to Quebec in 1953, and to the warm welcome the family received when they arrived in La Belle Province. 

The venture also pays tribute to the family home Mario Sr. built with his own hands on rue Iberville in Montreal’s Villeray neighbourhood. This is where prototypes of the first Iberville products were made back in 2016 and where, in the Seventies, the grandfather made wine with his brothers and friends. 

Spirit Notes: 

Treat yourself by indulging in the rituals of *l’apéro* with Amermelade, the first Québec made bitter *apéritif.* In a bottle of Amermelade, you will find the history of classic italian *aperitivi* and a deliciously fresh wind of change with local flavours such as sweet gale and sea buckthorn.


Sharp bouquet of various citrus with hints of fir and ginger. Bitterness reminiscent of pink grapefruit. Complex attack of multiple citrus (orange, bergamot, peach, and apricot). Ends with light bitterness and camphor notes leading to eucalyptus and rose.

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